Positive thoughts bring positive results.

One of the most important factors in beginning a healthier lifestyle is always your mindset going into a big change. Although as you will learn on this site, it is best to make small goals so that you are not rushing into a huge change, but if you do not start with a positive outlook on your goals then it will be much more difficult to get to where you want to be.

A great way to start creating positive thoughts is to make a list of some of your goals. When you are making this list you will want to write a sentence or two next to each goal explaining how you will go about reaching your goal, why it will better you and other around you, and also why you know you can do it. Doing this will give you a positive outlook on whatever your goals may be by keeping it very clear to the point on what your goal is, why you're doing it, and how to go about it. You can do this on a computer or phone, a piece of paper, or on sticky notes to keep in your room or desk to give you small reminders of what your day to day goals should be looking like. For example, if you want to utilize sticky notes you may want to have different ones stating different reminders, possibly in different areas to remind you to make a healthy snack even if it might take an extra couple minutes. It could also just be a reminder to drink more water or take a break from extra sugar for the day.

A lot of people love to give themselves strict diets and end up with feeling of hopelessness or worthlessness due to their diet they found on google not adding up to their lifetime goals. Most diets that are used more commonly are not fitting for a lot of people and cause people to lose weight quickly, just to gain it back and then feel down and that they must always follow an extremely strict diet in order to keep down the weight they fought so hard to get down. I will of course continue posting on how you can better go about this but firstly, start by setting your goals and mindsets towards positivity and try your best to destress yourself. Maybe taking a day to give yourself a self care day and a break from social media can be best for you. For some it may be a stroll in the park with their friend, significant other, or pet. Whatever helps you destress, do that to put yourself in a healthy mindset to get started on your best version of yourself! Have a wonderful day and I hope you a have a great time working on YOU! :)

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