Cold and Flu Season: Get Ahead of it

I am sure a lot of you are aware of cold/flu season going on right now, here are my top 10 tips on how to take care yourself to prevent you getting sick or worsening your current sickness.

1) Multivitamins

Taking multivitamins can help strengthen your immune system to help fight against diseases. Even if you don’t take them on a regular basis it is good to at least take them when you are around others who are sick or can feel an illness coming on. Multivitamins are best when taken in the morning.

2) Tea and soup

Making a hot cup of green tea or tomato soup can be a great way to break up congestion in your chest. Tea will also help with helping aid your immune system to help your body fight diseases, bonus points if you add in honey for added antioxidants and to help improve a sore throat.

3) Hot towel or heating pad

If you are feeling a lot of sinuses in your head, a great way to help loosen the mucus is to soak a towel and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and placing it on your forehead. If you have congestion more so/also in your chest you can use the hot towel on your chest as well or a heating pad if you have one.

4) Echinacea

Echinacea is an herbal medicine that will improve your immune health greatly. It is usually in large tablet sold at most stores, like Walmart. You will take two every morning and every night with a meal until you feel back to your normal self. For some these pills can be difficult to swallow and you may want to cut it in half and place it in your food or try your best to chew it into a smaller pill. I use the spring valley brand from Walmart, it is non-gmo and works like a charm it has prevented me from getting sick for quite a long time.

5) VapoRub

When using VapoRub it usually best to reapply often on your chest, and at night apply to the bottoms of your feet and then put socks over it to let it settle in while you sleep.

6) Salt water or honey

Having a sore throat can really prevent you from doing as much as you would usually want to. Gargling salt water can help improve the pain in your throat temporarily. Honey is also filled with antioxidants and is very good for a sore throat. If you are comfortable swallow a spoonful of honey (you can also heat it up a tad or add to water/tea.) The honey will make your throat feel much better.

7) Boiling water or humidifier

Utilizing a humidifier can be very useful when you are sick or congested. If you don’t have a humidifier try boiling a pot of water, placing a towel over your head and keeping your head above the steam to try and loosen up some of your sinuses. Bonus points for adding eucalyptus (essential oil or plant) to help improve sinuses even more. Repeat as often as needed. Taking a hot shower can also have a similar effect.

8) Essential oils

Essential oils are a great way to naturally boost your immune system to help aiding your fight against sicknesses. If you have a diffuser, feel free to use it while you rest or eat. Here are some essential oils that could help you, there are many uses to these oils but they will help you in this time of need.

  1. Thieves (best on chest and behind ears)

  2. Lemon

  3. Tea Tree

  4. Lavender (can also help relax to help you stay calm and well rested, while drying up a runny nose -apply to nose, cheeks, and forehead.)

  5. Basil

  6. Eucalyptus (best used in hot water)

  7. Peppermint (really helps relieve nasal congestion)

  8. Orange

  9. Ginger

  10. Fir (aching)

9) Rest

Although it can be annoying for some, one of the most helpful things when you are ill is to take naps so your body can work even harder at fighting the sickness. When you are asleep your body is at optimal performance for healing your body. So today is the perfect day to relax, and take a nap! Bonus points if you sleep on you back with your head on a pillow to help further relieve nasal congestion. Don’t forget a blanket or two!

10) Eating healthy

In order to support your immune system you want to feed your body lots of nutrients. You want to make sure your getting tons of fruits and vegetables as well as nice warm meals. Citrus fruits are best for fighting colds due to its high amounts in vitamin C! After your nap make yourself a platter of fruits and veggies in order to give your immune system extra strength.

Now that you have these tips to help you get ahead of your sickness, it’s time to start feeling better. I believe in you and your immune system! Other things that may help if you are in the most of your sickness could be trying a netipot to drain your sinuses, saline spray to loosen head sinuses, and stretching in order to still keep your body moving. Now go feel better in order to keep your friends and family from getting sick, and keeping yourself happy and healthy! Have a great day!

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