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Kitt’s Healthy Livin is less diets and workout plans to make you FEEL like you are striving for a healthier lifestyle, and more of an overall coach and teacher to ensure you are truly learning how to make a better lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils, or aromatherapy, has been used for centuries due to how safe and effective they are. Natural oils are derived from specific plants and are then distilled in order to be used to enhance ones health. This is because essential oils sends trigger responses to your brain to send healing power towards your body. It has been scientifically proven that this pure and natural medicine is legitimate.

What Could Essential Oils do to Improve my Health?

On this page here you can learn how to start using all natural essential oils. There are many benefits to using essential oils. For starters since oils are all natural it is amazing for your body to avoid some of the chemicals that in so many things we all use everyday. Essential oils are also a great way to set a positive atmosphere for yourself in order to improve your mood and sleep, which are both very important factors of your health. There are also a few essential oils to improve pain, skin irritations, immune system and/or inflammation to assist you in your everyday tasks. It is also shown that essential oils can make a drastic change in depression and anxiety.

These Benefits Sound Awesome! How do I Begin my Essential Oils Journey?

Here you can find a link to Young Living essential oils. You may be wondering on why young living specifically. Young living is the best option purely due to the fact that they do not water down their oils and use the purest form of each oil.


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